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Unlike some firms, Real Asphalt can mix their own asphalt. This means we can lab report procedure example make exactly the right type of asphalt for the job in hand – with no waiting for a plant to do it for us.

This gives us the flexibility needed to really produce a first class product and thesis statement örnekleri do the best job possible.

As well as producing asphalt for our commercial and private work, we also supply asphalt to other businesses in the area.


Of course, we install asphalt of all kinds, to all types of customers, for various specifications.

Our committed team undertake all types of job, from residential driveways to interstate highways.

Whether you are homeowner or commercial enterprise or a municipality, we can help you.

Some of the jobs we do for our clients include;


Parking lots



And more

For a fuller list of the work we can do, have a chat with one of our team today!


We can do all types of asphalt maintenance, including;


We remove and repair your asphalt.

Removing a damaged section of asphalt, or indeed removing the entire surface, is an important part of the maintenance process.

Trust our team to get it right!


Patching is something that our team do on an almost daily basis.

This is one of the most straightforward types of repair and consists of applying a cold or hot mix asphalt product.

Which one our team will choose depends on the weather, the temperature and your pavement’s needs.


Resurfacing is a process whereby the asphalt is firstly cleaned, then leveled, before grinding is performed. The drainage structures are worked on and other checks are made, depending on your specific circumstances.

There are different types of material and options that can be used for resurfacing which may be considered by our contractors.


Infrared is something which we use for certain types of repairs.

The technique mixes HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) with the original structure and then compacts it, for a seamless covering.

We might use this method for potholes in roads, which have a lot of traffic, or are suffering heaving and other problems.


Cracks are the first sign of problems with your pavement.

By acting promptly, you can prevent the crack from deepening and turning into a pothole, causing a bigger problem.

Trust us to seal your pavement’s cracks. Our team are experts in filling and sealing all types of cracks and ensuring they don’t grow any bigger.


Sealcoating is something we recommend for all types of asphalt paving.

The type of sealcoat you require depends on your needs and the kind of traffic which your asphalt pavement gets.

For more information, a quote or maybe just an informal chat, call us now or fill out our contact sheet!