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How It’s Made – Asphalt Production

Have you ever wondered where asphalt comes from?

As an asphalt paving contractor who also manufacturers their own produce, we are well placed to talk you through the whole process of asphalt production.


The first thing to realize is that not all asphalt is the same.

Like most production yards, we make more than one type of asphalt.

The key differences are down to the size of the aggregates and the types of sands used in the production.

The two kinds of sand are natural and manufactured. Which one we choose depends on the job it is going to be used for.

Because we actually control the manufacturing process, we are uniquely able to produce the exact right type of asphalt to our clients’ specifications.

The next thing that happens, is that the aggregates are then placed into the feed bins. The exact amount that goes into the mix is controlled by a computer, to maintain the right blend.

At the other end, the aggregate emerges from the conveyer and then goes into the dryer for mixing.


You might not realize what an important part recycling plays in the manufacture and lifespan of asphalt.

In fact, asphalt is a highly recycled material, across the industry. It is not only our contractors who recycle asphalt, but we can guarantee that a 100% of asphalt which is removed from work sites is recycled by us.

And in case you were thinking that by reusing the asphalt, it somehow makes it less reliable as a product, then rest assured.

Recycling asphalt does not compromise its quality at all. In fact, by recycling high standard materials, we are enhancing the next batch of asphalt which will be used.

Recycled asphalt is not only better for the environment, but it is also an all-round better product. The mix is more durable, hard wearing and is better at resisting ruts, than a brand new asphalt mix is.

The manufacturing modes that our team employ are the warm mix production method. This means we can make our asphalt at a lower temperature, which thereby saves on the use of fuel and further helps extend our commitment to the environment.

When the aggregates have dried and been mixed, the recycled product is added in and then it is injected with oil.

The recycled part is added into the collar. By so doing, it helps any leftover oil from burning away.

Now the end is in sight. More oil is added to the mix, to fit with the specs for whatever blend of asphalt is being used.

It is then put in silos, for distribution to our customers.

Got a question about asphalt? Ask one of our helpful team for more information.